Roofing Services

Slate & Tile Roofing

Slate & Tile Roofing

Roof tiles are designed mainly to keep out rain, and are traditionally made from locally available materials such as terracotta or slate. 

Modern materials such as concrete and plastic are also used and some clay tiles have a waterproof glaze. They include ridge, hip and valley tiles.

Guttering Services

Keep gutters clear to help move moisture away from the house. One of the most common problems is when gutters are clogged. 

Helps keep all outdoor drains clear of leaves so water does not pool up on your property.

Gutter Cleaning
Lead Work


As one of the oldest and most recyclable materials available, lead is still the most versatile product used in the modern roofing sector.

By its very nature, lead will outlive all other roofing products. It is highly resistant to corrosion, rot and wear and tear.

Lead is an economical and environmentally-friendly substance which pays for itself time and again.

Fascias & Soffits

Fascias are designed to support the bottom row of tiles on a roof and also hold the guttering.

It is important that they are maintained properly, as if they become weak then they can struggle to support the tiles and guttering.

Soffits provide ventilation to the roof, so without proper care, the ventilation quality will suffer and any timber in the roof is at risk of decay. Call P&P Jones today for a free quote.

Fascias & Soffits
EPDM Rubber Roofing
EPDM Rubber Roofing

Working as highly experienced rubber flat roofing contractors, we have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform an installation of the highest quality for both domestic and commercial clients.

The commercial and industrial roofing market takes advantage of the long- term dependability of rubber roofing. Now you can install this durable material on your own roof, with the peace of mind that it will last for decades to come.